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At Tanglwood North we are always more than happy to welcome new members into the Association.

Please read below to ensure your experience as a seller or buyer is a pleasant one.



If you are selling property in our community and it's already under contract, you must obtain a Resale Package from Keystone PMA, (our property management company) before closing.


The Resale Package provides all of the information you are required to provide the buyer under Pennsylvania Law such as the governing documents, financials and other information pertaining to the community. The Resale Package also includes the Resale Certificate which will be needed in order to close the sale of your property. Each lot has to have a Resale Certificate.

To obtain a Resale Package, please follow the steps below:

1) Fill out the Right of First Refusal Form (RoFR) according to the instructions. The form is available as a PDF download HERE.

2) Submit the completed form to

3) Once the form has been received by Keystone PMA, they will send you a payment link for $250 for 1-2 lots, $300 for 3-4 lots or $350 for 5-6 lots. Even if the county has combined your lots for tax purposes, lots are treated as individual lots in TNCA and therefore require their own Resale Certificate.

4) When both the RoFR and payment have been received, the Resale Package will be processed and delivered by email in about 5 business days. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to Keystone PMA at 570 491 4400 or by email at





If you would like to purchase property in TNCA, please contact a realtor. If you are looking to acquire property through a private sale, make sure the seller provides you with a Resale Package. This package will ensure transparency in the sale and avoid any unpleasant surprises once you close.

If you are purchasing property through a tax sale, please make sure you do your homework. Not all tax sales are alike. Some tax sales require you to pay any outstanding dues owed the Association by the previous owner as well as mortgages and fines. Avoid headaches by making sure you understand the terms of the Tax Sale before you close. When in doubt, ask questions for clarification before the "bargain" becomes a problem.